DANCE SEASON 2020-2021

WE ARE EXCITED TO BE ABLE TO START OUR NEW DANCE SEASON FOR 2020-2021! There will be some changes per CDC guidelines and studio policies to keep us happy, healthy and dancing. We will have a “soft opening” to begin the new season and plan to add more classes in January. Class size will be limited also. This gives us all time to adjust to going back to school and to work. Our staff is also adjusting to new babies, full time jobs outside of the studio and covid unknowns for their families. A slower opening will let our older students finish classes earlier so they can concentrate on homework, eating healthy and getting enough sleep. For now, we will not offer Elementary Tap and Jazz classes or Modern classes. If you are interested in these classes, circle them on the registration form so we know you are interested. Please be patient until we can add these to the schedule in January. These dance styles are so important for dance training and we hope our students will be excited about joining class soon. This is only temporary!


You can print the REGISTRATION FORM from this website and mail it to the studio with the $25 fee. Fees can also be paid by credit card on this website. Also, print the PARENT/GUARDIAN RELEASE FORM, sign and mail or bring to the studio if you did not give us one in June. We will be at the studio (Mon thru Fri) August 24-28 and (Mon thru Thurs) August 31-Sept 3 from 3:00-6:00 if you want to drop off forms and payment.

All Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Tap dancers are required to wear leotard and tights for class with optional black shorts. These classes require hair to be in a bun. Hip Hop students can wear leggings or athletic pants with a long t-shirt. Hair should be pulled back in a ponytail. Only studio Hip Hop shoes can be worn on the dance floors. Pre-school and Kindergarten students need a plain leotard in any color, without skirt, pink tights and hair pulled back out of the face. We will have an ONLINE STORE where you can order supplies specifically chosen for our dress codes. We will continue to fit shoes at the studio so you can order the correct size and style online or we can place the order. We realize that without lobby merchandise sales our students may not meet dress code requirements the first week or two of classes. This is another big change from past years.


The lobby will remain closed to parents and siblings. We ask that you wait outside or in your car. Please make sure we have your correct cell phone number. Send any notes or payments with your child. We will send the receipt and any notes with them as they leave.

If you are sick or have been around anyone who is sick, please do not come to class! Eat a snack, use the bathroom, wash your hands, dress for class, bring your shoes, older students bring sweatproof water bottles with closed lid. Limit sugar and drinks before class so less potty breaks.

ENTER/EXIT: All students enter thru the lobby door 5-10 minutes before class begins. Our class times are staggered but please watch your spacing. We will take temperatures and spray hands. Students will take their dance bag into the dance room and use cubbies taped to the floor six feet apart. At the end of class the back room students will exit through the lobby door and the front room students will exit thru the front door. Once again, we will spray hands before they leave. We have allowed enough time to clean the dance rooms between classes. PLEASE PICK UP YOUR STUDENT AS CLASS ENDS! Masks are not required but highly recommended as you enter and exit. Some find it hard to dance with them on. The staff will watch for social distancing, but students need to be aware also.

LCDA STAFF RESPONSIBILITIES: Our dance spots, lines and across-the-floor work will be spaced for social distancing. Dance rooms will be cleaned between classes. Teachers will hand sanitize before and after classes. Class size will be limited.